289 N Granby Rd

N. Granby, CT

1983 - 1985

Chris, Gary, and Boyd

Route 24

Bowdoinham, ME

1990 - 1991

Arrowhead Ranch

Parksville, NY


Stepping Stone Ranch

Escoheag, RI


Woodstock Valley Lodge

Woodstock, CT

1994 to Date

Indian Lookout Country Club


A lot of people have expressed a desire to know more about Camp Creek - what it is, where it came from, and what to expect. Well here we are with a little history lesson, as it were. Here goes.

It all began with a party in Narraganssett, Rhode Island. A friend had access to a sizable amount of oceanfront property, figured he'd set up a band and some tents within crawling space of each other, and see what happens. Max Creek was one of the bands to play there over the years, and we happily played to the moon and the ocean and a weekend neighborhood. These were the infamous Narraganssett Blowouts - parties which undoubtedly lived up to their name. The camping concept was new then, borne of the Woodstock and Watkins Glen generation with the thought that even a small number of people could gather for the weekend, camp, listen to music, and come away with some meaningful memories. And it worked.

Some years later, we decided to resurrect the idea. We liked the thought of playing a huge camping area, complete with campfires and bug spray and the great outdoors. So in Granby CT, we held our first weekend long outdoor concert, on a log and plywood stage, and we called it Camp Creek. It was, needless to say, very experimental, but it turned out to be an energetic break to the summer doldrums - harmless and totally successful. The law enforcement agencies of that and the surrounding towns did not appreciate our endeavor, however, and we were forced to move our community out of state one small step ahead of prosecution. And so it goes.

It was then we were destined to hook up with three people from Maine who had been having parties of their own, and who were wisely insane enough to give this a shot: Chris, Gary, and Boyd. These guys were, and still are, a little on the wild side, famously so, and together amongst the craziness we honed the concept of Camp Creek into weekends that some people still talk about to this day. And for one weekend a summer for the next few years one or two thousand people camped in a field in Bowdoinham Maine, and had one helluva time. Aside from a small argument between a pickup truck and a train, (which the train won) everything went smoothly. Until the town caught on, that is. Funny how that happens. Anyhow, we were forced to pack up camp and move on.

We then moved to Arrowhead Ranch for a couple of years, followed by one memorable year at The Stepping Stone Ranch in Escohead RI. Then to Woodstock CT for one year (where the town will never forget us), and finally in 1994 to our present location.

(From the Camp Creek '90 newsletter w/ addendum by M Mercier)

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