Max Creeks


Taper's Wall Of Fame


~ Dedicated to Rich Petlock ~

Updated 12/2/2016

Thank you John Archer, Steve DJ and Costa for putting up with us tapers for alll these years and for all the Soundboard Patches.
We really appreciate it!
Thank you to all of you tapers who have spent endless hours standing by your deck, just to get a tape of a band we know as...

Max Creek

Rich Petlock                                                              TaperJones

Ted Dralle                                                              Bob Hunt                                                              Kent Askin

Joe Faucher                                                              Wild Bill                                                              Greg Logan

Tom Kunzig                                                              Alan Miller                                                              Jim Duffy

Mike Licsak                                                              John Lombardi                                                              John Yungk

Mike Rosenfeld                                                              John Burke                                                              Mike Lombardo

Gerald Skenderian                                                        Bill Koucky                                                            Steve Kurtzman

Carl Walter                                                              Tony Masiello                                                              Jun Ouano

Chris Thayer                                                              Marc Cournoyer                                                              Ed Wilson

Matt Heydman                                                     (( John Jacobson ))                                                       John Shepherd
" LJ "

Markus Salmon                                                           Brian Maskery                                                              Dave Rinelli

Greg Whiting                                                           Aaron Valachovic                                                              Ed Payne

Fred Moore                                                              Peter Wroblewski                                                              Mark Crum

Matt Vallo                                                              SGuacamole                                                              Andy (???)

Bob Lincoln                                                              DanTape (???)                                                              ??????????

Kris Booth                                                              Sarah Caine                                                              Bob Beeley

Lee Metaxas                                                              Brian Freeman                                                              Mike Nichols

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